What’s the opposite of a P-zombie?

If it is possible for a thing to have all the physical trappings of consciousness, and yet lack consciousness (the definition of a P-zombie), then it seems to me that something can have none of those trappings and yet still possess consciousness.

Thusly, I postulate the possibility of the sentient inanimate object:

-Given that there exists a nonphysical state for objects unrelated to its’ physical state,

-Thus that an object’s physical state is irrelevant to its’ nonphysical state,

-And that ‘consciousness’ is to be considered such a nonphysical attribute,

-Thus that an object’s physical state is irrelevant to the fact of its’ consciousness,

Thus, any concievable object may be conscious.

-Furthermore, that since physical states can give no indication of nonphysical states (as the nonphysical state is unrelated),

Thus, any concievable object is as likely to be conscious as any other concievable object.

I dub an inanimate, yet still conscious, object to be a “P-spirit” (EDIT: For religious compatibility, “Little God” is also acceptable).

So, non-physicalists, next time you cook your food, be sure to thank the oven. Methinks it’d be rude to do otherwise.


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