I Made A Picture!

It’s designed to exploit our inbuilt facial recognition functionality.

I call it "Circles and Lines".

I call it "Circles and Lines".

It’s also supposed to look creepy (because it hopefully exploits our facial recognition functionality).

So, how’d I do?


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4 Responses to “I Made A Picture!”

  1. Naurgul Says:

    It’s somewhat creepy, although I wouldn’t call it really disturbing. My mind completely ignored all the black lines except for the eyes & mouth ones at first.

  2. Indon Says:

    But that’s all of the black lines.

    Hmm, it did not go as expected, I guess our facial recognition doesn’t ‘do’ recursion.

  3. Naurgul Says:

    Not for me at least, looked more like hair at first glance.

  4. winner Says:

    I can see any one of them I wish to, my brain doesn’t let me see any conflicting faces however.

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