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On Workplace Morale and Productivity

October 8, 2009

I’ve heard a lot about morale, or ‘esprit de corps’, as a part of my job, but I never really understood the concept until recently.

Recently I moved to a new sub-organization under the same employer, and I know what morale is now.

Where I used to work, people behaved according to high standards of professionalism, were friendly and engaging, and willing to help each other. Discipline was light and didn’t need to be any worse, because individuals complied with directives under their own power, willingly. Individuals were energetic and productive, and the shop accomplished impressive things.

Where I work now, the very idea of professional behavior is a joke, and mentorship is almost nonexistent. Individuals are abrasive and their interactions are caustic rather than constructive. Discipline is woefully light, vitally needed, and respect for authority is low. As such, compliance rates are low and nobody really cares about improving them. Individuals are unfocused and apathetic, and the shop is burdened under a comparatively much smaller workflow.

More importantly, I feel the impact personally. At my previous location, I was eager to face new challenges and accomplish ever-more-impressive tasks. Here, I have to drive myself just to complete the simplest of tasks, simply because I care so much less. My accomplishments feel less significant, the interaction with my coworkers less enjoyable, and my objectives less important.

I believe in the importance of morale now – I am now a convert, having seen it in action, and its’ lack in inaction.